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What to make of the Fendt 1050

Here at B&B, we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to demo the new Fendt 1050. The overview The new 1050 has a huge 500hp under the bonnet, and towering at 3.6m tall – making the new range the biggest and most powerful conventional tractors made. This leaves on a handful of machines from the likes of Deere and Challenger able to match the Fendt 1050. Uses in the UK will be taking drilling duties away from heavier machines that are harder on the ground. Four models make up the new series; the 380hp 1038, 420hp 1042, 460hp 1046 and the flagship 500hp 1050. The Engine Fendt have left the building of the new engine to truck maker MAN – creating a giant 12.4 litre, six-cylinder engine. This uses both AdBlue and gas recirculation to keep it clean and has been developed to deliver maximum torque at low revs. The 1000 range uses a mix of AdBlue and exhaust gas re-circulation to keep it clean and has been tuned to deliver maximum torque at low engine revs. Fendt have also designed a new bonnet as a result of the colossal engine. The Tyres Large-diameter tyres have been fitted, too, in the form of 900/65R 46 rears and 710/60 R38 fronts. These have also got a central tyre inflation system to help them find maximum grip. Overall Most noteworthy is the fact that Fendt engineers have had to think outside the box for the new range. Rather than taking the easy option and just “beef up” the 900 series, Fendt has looked at the product and worked out how to make it better. Because of this, the 1000 series is a completely new tractor with little used or adapted from previous tractor ranges. We had the fantastic opportunity to show the Fendt 1050 in action, seen below working with a 4 metre quad till.


Fendt specifications

  • Power range: four models from 380-500hp
  • Engine: 12.4-litre, MAN
  • Rated engine speed: 1,700rpm
  • Maximum torque: 2,400Nm
  • Unladen weight: 14 tonnes
  • Permissible overall weight: 21 tonnes to 50kph
  • Field operating weight up to 25kph including implement bearing load: 25 tonnes
  • Maximum rear linkage lift capacity: 12.9 tonnes
  • Maximum front linkage lift capacity: 5.58 tonnes
  • Wheelbase: 3,300mm
  • Vehicle width: 2,950mm with 900/65 R46 tyres
  • Maximum tyre diameter: 2.35m
  • Service intervals: 1,000 hours engine and 2,000 hours hydraulics and transmission

If you would be interested in a demonstration of the Fendt 1050, please contact us and speak to your local sales representative who will be happy to help.